Executive Search & Selection

Our Search Process


Step 1: Search Process, Define Role, Job Performance Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure clear understanding of client’s business, markets and corporate culture
  • Define Job Role, obtain client consensus on job scope, responsibilities, performance parameters, required competencies, compensation package, reporting relationships, business objectives, etc,.
  • Develop the search strategy, hire  support tools and deliverables.
  • Review strategy and obtain client feedback and approval on the search strategy, deliverable time frames etc,.

Step 2: Research,Target, Identify, Screen & Recruit Candidates

  • Identify and confirm targeted candidate sources using proprietary databases and network of industry contacts
  • Identify candidates, including internal ( client ) candidates as appropriate
  • Screen, interview, test and assess appropriateness of candidates
  • Short list candidates (3-4)
  • Prepare resumes profiles, interview reports, test results for presentation to client- review shortlist interview schedule
  • Review resumes with client and obtain feedback

Step 3: Interview,Evaluate,Assess,Obtain References & Report to Client

  • Facilitate client interviews and select top two candidates of interest
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidates
  • Conduct full reference checks of selected candidates
  • Review detailed resumes and assessment reports on each candidate strengths and weaknesses, competencies, track record, culture fit.
  • Select finalists with client to be interviewed and presented with job offer
  • Provide feedback to client and selected candidate to ensure expectations are aligned and confirmed.

Step 4: Review Data,Select Top Candidate, Negotiate & Present Offer

  • Review shortlisted finalist interview outcomes, reports, etc..
  • Support offer salary and benefits negotiations if required
  • Obtain feedback of all short listed candidates regarding search process, results and  hire outcome.

Step 5: Follow Up with Feedback to all Participating Candidates

  • Ensure smooth candidate transition and assimilation for executive hired.
  • Ensure client satisfaction with search process
  • Follow up and thank all candidates involved with search process for their time and interest.

Search Process Timelines