Executive Search & Selection

Choosing an Executive Headhunter

ABA Group Inc. is a leading Canadian executive search and selection boutique. ABA Group Inc. doesn’t just deliver the most talented executives ON-THE-Market, we provide proven executive decision support systems and guarantee a quality fit. The Top 10% of executives in-the-market today are rarely ever on-the-market. High performing individuals are focused on their current roles and career paths. To attract these high potential executives headhunters need to sell them on your executive career opportunities, the business challenges and the corporate culture of your company. Our recruiters have developed strong relationships with top industry executives from around the globe. Over the years we have nurtured long standing trusting relationships with these executives. At ABA Group we know who the exceptional performers are, and the kind of career opportunities they find compelling and motivating.

At ABA Group we understand that our clients time and resources are best spent focussed on building their businesses. The cost for a poor executive hire can cost a company millions of dollars and lost business opportunities they could have had with the right executive in place. At ABA Group Inc. finding top tier executives and managers for our clients is our only business. We are passionate, dedicated, and driven to leave no stone unturned in our quest to connect you with the best talent. We are committed to surpassing your expectations and to ensuring the best job fit for both clients and candidates. We understand that win/win relationships are the only ones remembered and lasting.

In today’s highly competitive business world your executive leadership teams and employees are your most valuable assets. ABA Group also  understands the importance of vetting and assessing candidates. We recognise the leadership skills that successful executives must possess in order to achieve their performance objectives and corporate growth goals. ABA Group uses scientific and unique decision support tools to aid in the assessment of candidate competencies, providing our clients with written documentation and data to support and validate their hiring decisions. Our comprehensive process includes; leadership development,goal setting,psychometric personality and (EI )Emotional intelligence testing. Our executive recruiters work closely with you to create a comprehensive set of performance objectives and job competencies to achieve success in the desired role. Our assessment of shortlisted candidate fit is based on combining psychometric testing with objective based interviews and related assessment/evaluation data.This in turn results in better job fit and a clear understanding of expectations and deliverables.Thus you hire executive candidates who provide exceptional and immediate value to your organization and executive team.

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