Executive Search & Selection

Our History



ABA Group’s history began in 1980 Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our intention is to offer innovative, retainer based executive search and selection services to industrial and technology clients. From our early beginnings we have worked hard and diligently with our clients to deliver cost effective search and selection solutions, and ensure quality hires from a win/win perspective.

Boutique Organization with Global Reach:

We have deliberately kept our practice small focusing on ensuring a quality job fit through personalized search services solutions. Our customers range from large OEM’s and multinationals to owner/operators and small manufacturing concerns from a broad range of industrial market sectors.

Over the years we have worked jointly with HR industry experts and academics to develop our unique search and selection processes helping to mitigate the risks associated with poor hires by ensuring quality job fit. Additionally, we have established a global network of industry experts to support our efforts in identifying,recruiting and attracting some of the top performers in the industry. With great leaders our clients will develop successful business strategies, products and services.This in turn results in positive financial impact impact on their businesses their shareholders and customers. Our strategy is based on possessing an intimate understanding of our client’s core businesses objectives, markets and in working with the senior executives entrusted to achieve their desired corporate goals.

We are constantly improving our search processes and have developed a results oriented search process methodology. Employing our proven processes can ensure exceptional results. Poor hiring risks are mitigated through the implementation of a thorough, well reported and documented candidate search,selection and assessment process. Our process ultimately strives to ensure both a better quality corporate cultural fit and leadership job fit.

Experience and Personal Attention:

All retained executive level assignments are led by our President, Allen Ballach who possesses 30+ years of International search experience. Additional support is provided by a experienced project support group (in house and contract) selected specifically for their industry specific knowledge and market experiences. All search project consultants are chosen for their track record of success within specific client market sectors.

Combining these collective experiences and resources we can address your most stringent search demands, ensuring the successful outcome of your specific recruitment assignment needs. Your executive search requirements are never handed off to junior or inexperienced researchers. We work closely with our clients to develop the job scope and desired success competencies. We help determine the desired performance objectives of the role and expected deliverable timeframes.Our executive decision support tools provide detailed candidate assessment data of the interview processes to ensure the best quality job fit.

Client Partnership:

Understanding our client’s unique business needs, customer markets and corporate culture is fundamental to the success of a win/win hiring outcome. The ability to understand our client’s businesses and markets sharing our combined knowledge and experiences facilitates an effective recruitment campaign allowing us to target,attract and hire the most talented executives. You don’t need to be the largest search firm to deliver the best candidates.

Guaranteed Results:

Our client-centric business model ensures the highest quality results are achieved and holds us accountable to delivering quality results. To-date we can boast one of our profession’s most successful job completion rates (98% search efficiency) we are very proud of this achievement and remain committed to continuously improving our services. Using our proven search and selection processes our clients have seen increases in their productivity and improved financial results which only high quality executives and managers can deliver.Using our search process we unconditionally guarantee all candidates presented through ABA Group for one year.