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Why using Retained Search is Winning the War on Hiring Executive Talent

The advantages of using a “Headhunter” versus other forms of recruiting. How long will you wait for the right candidate to apply to your online job posting, or walk in the front door? 


Finding talented executives and managers during the coming decade will challenge all companies and businesses, their markets and supply chains. If you want to win the war for talented candidates, you should consider using an experienced Headhunter.

There is a distinct difference between hiring the best talent IN the market versus the best talent ON the market. Human Resources will typically differentiate these two candidate markets by saying The Best Candidates Are:
Candidates with quality resumes OR the ones presently working for large companies and organizations OR the ones with the best experiences and education from the most prestigious universities and colleges.


What is the right answer?

The number one answer given by surveyed companies suggests the best candidate talent IN the market are those candidates or individuals who are NOT actively searching for a job. In other words passively IN the job market.

As an experienced search practitioner with more than 30 years experience recruiting senior executives, I have learned that the most talented candidates expect to be wooed to their next position from one of their competitors. Top executives and managers are not excited by the prospect of being the best technical fit for your detailed job description. Top executives don’t have time to look for jobs as they are too busy fulfilling their current roles. The best candidates are not actively looking for new opportunities. They are well paid and strategically motivated to their chosen career path. Therefore they need to be sold on your particular career opportunity, your company and it’s corporate culture. Are your in-house recruiters aware of this?

Does your in-house recruiter target your competitors? Do they know who to contact and how to effectively sell your executive and management career opportunities? If you are not using a Headhunter you are not likely hiring the best talent from the entire candidate talent pool; You are only hiring the best available talent from a much smaller puddle.

Head-hunters are committed to building strong business relationships within their candidates. Hiring the best candidates requires recruiters who are industry knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated and committed to achieving results. Headhunters who live, eat and breathe recruitment 24/ 7 and 365 days a year.

An experienced Headhunter will know who and where the most talented individuals are and what it takes to meet their job change demands. Headhunters can differentiate the high-level producers from the slackers and underachievers. They know which candidates operate below the radar screen and they also know the candidates possessing the greatest potential. Headhunters do the hardest part of recruiting for you. They establish, cultivate and develop candidate relationships, selling their clients’ career opportunities and company values. They are trusted to identify the progressive career opportunities these productive executives desire and have specified to the headhunter.

The economic value of hiring talented executives and managers are most obvious, More Profit. Employers that hire the most talented executives often win and retain more customers. Paying Headhunting fees are incidental and have less impact on your hiring costs than you might expect. Especially when compared to the costs realized in salaries, options and the benefits paid to average or less than average performers.

Consider the costs of the lost opportunities with average performers versus the possible profits generated from superior performers. Not to mention the sizable (P&L) businesses they control.

The best Headhunters will also typically structure their hiring fees to accommodate the budgets of their clients. At ABA Group Inc.we understand the basis of profitable win/win client relationships and maintains a global network of executives and industry experts.

Allen Ballach, President